Chandri with the Alligator Animodule, created by adjudicated youth.


Chandri infront of the Peace Mural, created by over 500 children in 14 schools, to greet the Dalai Lama and the international Peace Summit.

About Chandri Barat

Chandri is the founder of the Barat Foundation, a not for profit corporation located in Newark, NJ, dedicated to transforming young lives and communities through the arts.  Her work has touched thousands of children, youth and seniors, including 60 inner city students who have accompanied her to Provence for a life-changing, month-long experience of French language, culture and art immersion.

Chandri’s recent honors include 2018 NJBIZ 50 Best Women in Business, and Woman of the Year by the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship.  She was a featured speaker at the International Peace Summit featuring the Dalai Lama, and is a public speaker on the importance of diversity, travel and art in educating the whole child

With her two decades of experience traveling to Provence with students from all over the world, including scholarship students from local urban communities, Chandri believes that learning does not end with formal schooling, but is a life-long adventure.