Why travel with the Barat Foundation & Discover Provence?

Chandri Barat, Executive Director of the Barat Foundation, and founder of Discover Provence, has been leading academic and cultural tours to the South of France for over 20 years. She is dedicated to introduce travelers and students of all ages to the wonder and magic that makes Provence truly unique in the world.

Chandri's Discover Provence is a new concept in travel that enriches and engages, that includes lively discussion and social contact. Fully fluent in French, Chandri will share her insider's view of the region, and even help you remember some of your high school French. She will introduce you to her friends and associates, and bring you into their homes and businesses. You will be made to feel both welcome and at home.

Journeying with the Barat Foundation...

You will experience Provence as a native rather than as a tourist. You will enjoy an intimate experience of French life and hsitory with a guide who will encourage you to explore, celebrate, and grow. Many of Chandri's travelers cite their experience in Provence as "life-changing."

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Our Village of Rustrel:

Wedged between the Luberon mountains to the south and the Monts de Vaucluse to the north, the most spectacular of ochre sites is nicknamed “the Colorado Provençal”. Between the villages of Rustrel and Gignac, the colors of the earth, due to the presence of ochre in the subsoil, offers visitors a breathtaking show.

A small stream which flows from Gignac to Apt and which, with the rains, swells and sweeps along yellow waters rich in ochre, the Doa has over the centuries worked away at the earth's layers, exposing the white limestone, green clays and banks of ochre sands, which here take on a tormented form rarely seen elsewhere.

Covering miles right in the heart of Provence, the old and crimson cliffs worthy of the Far West display canyon-like quarries, a succession of earth pillars and valleys with amazing contours.

Beneath the clear blue sky of the Vaucluse, it is above all the palette of colors that will strike you: from bright yellow to blood red and encompassing all shades of orange, sometimes streaked with blue or green, this is a landscape of dreams.

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